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17 Ways to Bring Christmas Joy to a Grieving Friend

17 Ways to bring Christmas joy to a grieving friend - Grieving is hard all the time but it is especially difficult during the holidays. Families and friends may want to help in love, but not know how. Here are tips and ideas for gifts and gestures to help a grieving heart to heal.

I shared some suggestions on Tuesday for how to cope if you are grieving this holiday season. I remember distinctly how I felt in 2014, the year that my mother died. My heart was broken, and I didn’t feel like celebrating anything. If you are grieving yourself, make sure you check that one out. If you have a friend or family member who is grieving, you may feel helpless. I know Joe did during that time for me. You may feel like bringing up her lost loved one will make it worse, will make her feel her loss more deeply. … Read more

On Feeling Like the Purple Earring

Last week, on the day that Zeusy died, I lost one of my earrings. He peed on me as he lay dying, and I took a shower when we got home from the vet’s office. I realized the earring was gone when I was washing my hair, but it was not in the shower nor in the bathroom nor near my pillow nor at the vet’s office (I called). It just vanished. This would not be a problem for most people, I imagine, but I wear the same four earrings every day, day in and day out, never taking them … Read more

Blog Friends

Blogging leaves my heart open. It leaves my soft belly exposed, my wounds on display. I have developed relationships, close loving friendships, with the women in my blogging circles. It is not an exaggeration to say that we love one another. My blog friends are comfortable and familiar and beautiful and thoughtful and dear. Though we meet in person infrequently, they are no less my friends than the people in my town. For me, relationships are what blogging conferences are all about, old friends and new friends and friends I haven’t yet met. Sure there is learning, and there are … Read more

So Happy

happy momma

Last night, Grace and I went to the library for a rare evening trip while Allie and Joe stayed home to make dinner. We found a comfy spot on the floor in the back corner of the children’s room, and we read book after book aloud together. We peeked behind flaps; we giggled at pictures. We languished over pages that we’d normally scan to appease Allie’s short attention span. We spent two hours in that comfy spot, poring over Richard Scarry and The Great Pig Escape and many more. While we read, an old friend came into the children’s room. … Read more

Birthday Buddies

This story begins long before these babies were born. This photo is my Gracie with her Birthday Buddy, Kostyn. Kostyn’s mom, Robyn, and I “met” on an online bulletin board for women pregnant with their first child. We were due around the same time, and we went to the same college. What’s more, Robyn was a professional writer, a career I’d always wish I had pursued. As the months went by, we and fourteen other women became dear friends. We’d never met in person, but we shared so much: morning sickness and health scares and ultrasound photos and complaints and … Read more