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How to Start a New Habit (and a Free Printable Habit Tracker)

This free daily habit tracker printable can be used weekly or monthly for 30 or 60 days. I made mine fun by putting stickers on the numbers instead of crossing them off. Simple and easy to use in your planner or bullet journal. Blank minimalist vertical template for any habit. Great PDF ideas for kids to track healthy habits like personal fitness.

In 2018, I had an amazing streak going: I walked every single day for over 240 days. And then I hurt my knee weight lifting and broke my toe when I stubbed it on a dumbbell, (All the injuries came from weight lifting!) and I couldn’t walk for a few days which turned into a few weeks. I’ve walked close to five days a week since my foot and knee healed, but it’s been hard to get back into the everyday habit. Most days I walk, but some days I don’t, choosing grad school work or blog work or homeschool … Read more

Free Printable Coloring Bookmarks

Free printable black and white bookmarks for adults and kids to color - These cute drawings include motivational and inspirational quotes. Girls and women will love these floral and sketched DIY bookmarks.

My sweet 8-year-old, Allie, is just discovering a love of reading. She has never really enjoyed books before now, but the switch has flipped, and she loves to have me read to her whenever we can sit down together. Allie’s favorite book right now is the ICB Bible, followed closely by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and Karma Wilson’s wonderful and plentiful bear books. We read them frequently, and I’m hoping that she will figure out some of the words in Green Eggs and Ham as her reading improves. Allie also loves the computer, and she saw me making … Read more

Paper Airplane Science – An Experiment Designed and Tested by Your Kids

Paper Airplane Science During my undergraduate education at Penn State, I learned that students learn best when they are in the driver’s seat – when they are figuring out what to study, when they are designing the study, when they are identifying the problem and creating the experiment. This is not usually feasible in a public school setting, but in a homeschool, why not? It makes perfect sense. In this experiment, the student is in control. After you teach her about the scientific method, give her the printable from this scientific method post or the printable below (they are basically … Read more

Teaching the Scientific Method & a Free Printable

Earlier in July, I posted a terrific article (if I do say so myself) on the science behind slime and all the cool lessons and activities you could do to teach real science concepts like viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids. Buried in that post was this printable, and I was afraid it might get lost in the sliminess. So, below is the section from that post explaining what the scientific method is and how it can guide any experiment you do or answer (almost) any question you and your kids have about a sciencey subject. I love the scientific method, and … Read more