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4 Ways To Help Kids Connect With Mother Nature Through a Love of Gardening

Ideas to help kids love flowers and vegetable gardens and gardening - Great for toddlers and preschool children or older kids. Fun things and suggestions for plants. Creative ideas for boys and girls. Cheap and awesome tips.

This article was contributed to Feels Like Home by Scott Jenkins. I love Scott and Jessica’s parenting here; there’s so much science and positivity and learning going on. Scott helps out with the editing and some occasional writing for his wife’s website He shares more ideas about getting kids involved in the family garden here. My wife and I bought our first home in the spring of 2003. The backyard was small and a mix of grass, clover and dandelions, but it got sun nearly all day long so I knew that with a little work I could replace … Read more

How to Plan and Plant a Garden – A Guide for Beginners

how to plant a garden

Two weeks ago, I explained how to select plants for your new garden. We looked at annuals and perennials, then at light and water needs. Then I got busy and forgot to write part two. Sorry about that. This week, we’ll talk about putting the plants you picked into the ground in your garden. I’m assuming you’ve chosen enough plants to fill up your planned garden space. How to Plan and Plant a Garden Spacing Think about whether you like a garden that looks like a big mass of green – plants a little crowded – or a garden with plants … Read more

How to Start a Garden – A Guide for Beginngers

I’ve received quite a few comments in the last week about how to plan a garden, how to plant a garden, and how to take care of a garden. Some readers have asked about flowers and some above vegetables, but as a whole, they aren’t sure how to get started and need help with the basics. I’m going to make this a several post series on how to start a garden, and it will apply to both vegetable and flower gardens. How to Start a Garden Choosing Plants First, know that July isn’t too late in the year to begin … Read more