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11 Tips To Teach Telling Time

11 tips to teach telling time - Whether they are in kindergarten, first, 2nd, or 3rd grade, most early elementary kids are trying to figure out how to tell time. You will find activities, worksheets, and games for parents and teachers in this awesome post that includes how to tell time to the hour and minute. Teaching the clock has never been so easy or so much fun!

My kids like to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. The trouble with this is that they normally go to bed at 8:30, and by 9 or 9:30, they are so exhausted that they are lying on the couch and not even picking up their heads. It’s pathetic. Grace, our now 10-year-old, taught herself to tell time at a very early age, and we had to secretly change all the clocks to three hours fast so that she would think she was staying up until midnight, even when she was going to bed at 9. Don’t judge me … Read more

How to Homeschool 1st Grade – 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices

Every year, I spend hours and hours agonizing over what curricula to use with my kids. As I have said previously, we lean toward an unschooling model of homeschool, but we still do use some curricula and schedules. I guess this makes us more eclectic homeschoolers than unschoolers, but whatever. We just do what works. First and foremost, we live the Brave Writer Lifestyle. This means that our home is a place of a lot of learning and all of the following elements (from the Brave Writer website): Poetry teatime Read alouds and audio books Big juicy conversations Freewriting Observing nature … Read more

Learning Where I Live in this World – Elementary Geography Lesson

Learning Where I Live Elementary Geography Lesson

We’re still doing school. I’ve been in a panic for a month or so over our last two Calvert first grade assessments (because they meant we still had two months’ worth of instruction left for the school year that just ended for everyone else, and this is 100% my fault), but I realized this past week that Grace could do everything in them without any further instruction. So. We’ve been doing a test every other day to get them done and sent in. (There were 4 math tests and 2 reading tests). I’m still going through the teacher’s guides for … Read more

How to Homeschool First Grade

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

5-year-old Grace will soon finish first grade, so I thought it was time to share the curricula we’ve used this year as well as what worked and what didn’t work. We continued to participate in a cyber school for first grade (here’s why we chose that route). I wanted to quit the cyber school (and its curriculum) partway through this year, but I thought Grace and I should make the decision together. Quitting meant she would have to give up the in-person classes she really enjoys (art), but it would have given us a lot more freedom and flexibility in terms … Read more