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12 Ways to Promote a Healthier Home in the Winter

I am proud to be a 3M-sponsored blogger, and as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate 3M products. Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me. It’s sick season. We’ve had two colds pass through our home this winter already, and I’m sure more are to come. We may not be able to protect ourselves from all the germs in public, but there are a lot of things we can do to keep our home environments healthy. (Many of the points below come from the Centers for Disease Control … Read more

9 Ways to Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms without Drugs

9 natural ways to reduce seasonal allergies

Poor little Allie has season allergies. All spring and all fall, she has a stuffy, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a cough caused by the gunk running down the back of her throat. It lingers for months. After going through allergy tests with Grace only to have inconclusive results, I do not want to subject Allie to the torture. We’ll just deal with the symptoms and minimize the allergens as much as possible. Here are a few ways that we’re doing it: I love to have the windows and doors open, but they let in pollen that gets Allie’s symptoms … Read more

7 Tricks for a Fresher Smelling Home #HealthierHome

7 Tips for a Fresher Smelling Home

When I was in the fifth grade, we had a neighbor who cleaned her whole house with pine-scented cleaner every single day. As soon as you opened the front door, you walked into a cloud of fake pine cleaner fumes. I have a super smeller, and it gave me a headache in under a minute. I hated going over there. Few things scream don’t stick around! more than walking into someone’s house and smelling something heinous – a stinky dog, cat litter, stale cooking grease, musty carpets, chemical cleaners, cigarette smoke, mothballs. It’s gross, right? I stay as few minutes as possible … Read more