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Onions and Sinners

Feeding the children

Until Grace was four, she begged me to feed her. “Feeeeeeeeed me, Moooooom!” She’d whine. I didn’t feed her, and she’d eventually give up and feed herself or else not eat. But she was persistent, and she whined every single night. Eventually, when Allie said, “I feed you!” and held up her fork to stuff food in Grace’s mouth, Grace quit asking and started feeding herself.j Amazing how that happens, isn’t it? So this evening, Joe made beef enchilada casserole. Both of our girls love it. Both pick out all the “chicken” (which is known as hamburger to the rest … Read more

Chicken Nuggets for Lunch

Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Allie is a big eater. She’s not fond of noodles or vegetables, but she will eat great quantities of fruit, bread, and meat. When Grace was Allie’s age, she ate everything. Well, almost everything. She didn’t like mangoes. But everything else. There was no other fruit or vegetable she wouldn’t eat. Somewhere around her third birthday, Grace began to get picky. I think it was a combination of needing to eat less and needing to control more, but her diet went from everything but mangoes to nothing but chicken nuggets. I wish I was kidding. At the ripe old age … Read more

What I (Used to) Feed My Kids

Because they ate breakfast before 7, my girls were ready for lunch by 10 yesterday. I made them a nutritious feast of chicken nuggets, baked beans, and fuji apples and had beans and rice myself. I had a doctor’s appointment, and Allie fell asleep on the way home. {Hallelujah!} By the time she woke up, it was almost 2 o’clock. And they were both hungry again. Grace asked for a pineapple Greek yogurt, easy. Allie wanted bay-ees (berries), which meant grapes or strawberries. I think she has them confused, so either will do. “Allie, we don’t have any berries. What would you … Read more

I Lied About The Fish

I just lied to my child. It was a big, fat, juicy lie, and I have no remorse. Here’s how it went down: Grace: “Momma, do you like fish?” Me: “It’s okay. It’s not my favorite food, but I eat it once in a while because your dad likes it.” Grace: “I hate it. I will never, ever eat a bite of fish in my whole life. Because I hate fish.” Meanwhile, there was a huge chunk of cornmeal-crusted tilapia on her plate, along with some garlic roasted chicken and steamed carrots. Me: “I know you hate fish. That’s why … Read more

7 Strategies for Empowering Picky Eaters

7 strategies for empowering a picky eater - Whether they're toddlers, preschoolers, older kids, or teens, picky eaters are a pain! Use these 7 tips and ideas to encourage healthy eating habits at dinner and all meals through the day.

  Please enjoy this guest post from Mandi Ehman: Picky, particular, fussy, sensitive – whichever adjective you prefer, you probably know what I’m talking about: the child who hates trying new foods, rarely likes what is offered and has a small group of foods that he or she actually likes. In our family my pickiest eater really is just picky. She doesn’t have any underlying issues that we know of that contribute to this; she just knows what she likes and she has no use for anything outside of that small group of foods. My goal this summer is to … Read more

There’s Something Wrong With My Juice

We’ve started diluting Grace’s juice. Personally, I hate that she drinks so much juice, period. I think fruit juice is a scant step above soda pop, empty calories with few vitamins and no fiber. The bad habit began when Grace was had the swine flu and wouldn’t eat. We gave her as much juice as she would drink, just to keep her hydrated and give her some energy. Grace likes to drink juice, so Joe keeps buying it. I suggested to him this week that we begin cutting the apple juice with water. I asked him to mix it in … Read more