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The Ultimate List of 150 Screen-Free Summer Activities for Kids & Teens

The ultimate list of screen-free activities for kids and teens - These are the best things to do when you're bored during the summer, on weekends, or anytime. Fun, simple, and easy play ideas for parents, children, and students. Great for rainy days, outside days, learning, eating, getting active, and more. Perfect for at home but could be adapted for school.

My kids are home all. the. time. except when I send them off to camp in the summer. Because I work full-time from home, not for myself but for a large company, I need peace and quiet most of the day. This means no coming into my home office proclaiming, “I’m bored, Mom!” This means no sitting in my home office whining. This also means no fighting and general noise. In short, it means that my kids need to be occupied in relatively quiet, self-directed activities for all or nearly all of the  work day. I’m willing to bet that … Read more

Fall Bucket List for Kids – Free Printable for Family Fun

Fall bucket list - Over 100 ideas for kids, teens, families, and adults for the autumn season! Includes crafts, recipes, and lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors. Free printable.

Have you ever heard of a bucket list? I’m thinking that you probably have, thanks to the wonderful movie by the same name a few years ago (like eleven!), and its many incarnations all throughout social media. Just in case you haven’t, the bucket list is supposed to be a list of things you want to do “before you kick the bucket.” I’ve taken a little different spin on it, creating lists of things for families to do in the season that they’re in, fun things to enjoy before the world moves on to something else, before life changes too … Read more

Cherry Crest Adventure Park & The Amazing Maise Maze Review – Family Fun in Lancaster, PA

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm Review - Lancaster, PA attraction for families and kids. Includes one of the best corn mazes in the US as well as many other attractions!

Now and then, we stumble upon a family fun outing that is so awesome that we arrive early and stay late. We had one such trip last Friday. I had been contacted by the PR representative for Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in reference to some new activities they have for this season, and I asked if they would host my family for a day during our July staycation. They agreed, and I told the kids we were going to a corn maze. Boy did I have that wrong! Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is so much more than a corn maze.  … Read more

Kids Noisemaker Craft for New Year’s Eve

On Monday, I shared a really fun activity that guided our New Year’s Eve last year. In short, I wrote a bunch of activities on slips of paper, rolled them up, and stuffed them into balloons that the kids popped as the hours ticked by. One of the projects was to make noisemakers for midnight (which, incidentally, rolled around at 9pm). These noisemakers were quick and easy to make, and they used materials that we already had at home (mostly due to a lack of planning on my part). They cost pennies to make, too. New Year’s Eve Noisemaker Craft … Read more

The Best Games for Preschoolers

Tips and ideas for the 30+ best simple and easy preschool board, dice, and card games for little kids to play together or with adults, especially since they can't do reading. These games make great gifts to buy and are the perfect addition to any home's game basket. Great to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any holiday. Games for young children.

We are a game playing family. It took Grace a few years to catch on to taking turns and good sportsmanship, but then no kid grows understanding those innately. Allie is a little better at this age than Grace was, but she still needs a lot of encouragement and sometimes walks away in the middle of a game. We play on. I think it’s really important to play games as a family. We even play games with Old Grandma when we visit her. The Best Games for Preschoolers Candy Land – I played this as a kid, and my kids love it, … Read more

60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

A few weeks ago, I got 2 new tattoos on my wrists – live fully with my little blog birdie and love fully with a cross. I get strange looks from people who ask about them; the connection between love and the cross isn’t as obvious to everyone else as it is to me. Christ is love. He loved everyone: the sick, the old, the poor, the sinners, the slaves, his friends, his enemies, all humanity. He loved, and I aspire to love like that. That love is what random acts of kindness are all about. Random acts of kindness … Read more