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The Hay Slide and Horse-Shaped Swing

Last weekend, we took a break from painting pumpkins and acorns and we went to a garden center where there was lots of hay and a horse-shaped swing made out of a rubber tire. Fun times. My girls played on a hay slide for a half hour. Up and down, rolling over and over. Pretend to be falling and then slip so slowly over the edge! Head first, feet first, on their bellies like penguins. It was fun to watch. Probably even more fun to do. ‘ And this horse. I have pictures of both girls on this horse last … Read more

Pumpkin Science & Math – A Printable Lesson Plan for the Preschool, Kindergarten, or Elementary Classroom or Homeschool

Fun pumpkin lesson plans for kids - Awesome unit plans for teaching about the math and science of pumpkins in preschool, kindergarten, or even 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade. Includes a book list, experiment, investigation, and activities for math, science, literacy, and other connections. Perfect for fall unit study or theme.

    Last week, Strite’s Farm Store (the local orchard and farm market that we frequent, year round) had about twenty different kinds of pumpkins, gourds, and squash. I had to pace myself not to buy one of every single variety, just for fun. I was thinking that pumpkins would make great, seasonally appropriate science lessons and that Grace would enjoy investigating all different kinds of pumpkins to see how they’re alike and different. I purchased a Hubbard squash, a neck pumpkin, 2 big old jack-o-lantern pumpkins (because Grace wanted one for carving and I wanted one for investigating), a … Read more

Growing Up and Getting Brave

painted face

This may not look like an act of bravery, a sign of growing up, but it is one. Before this weekend, Grace had never allowed anyone to paint her face. Partially because she’s so ticklish, but mostly because she is anxious about strangers being in her space, she has only once or twice allowed even her hand to be painted. We went to see my sister and her friend at an enormous fall fair nearby. Grace spied a face painting stand and intended to get a unicorn painted on her hand. It took some cajoling, but, after watching a few … Read more