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101 Chapter Books to Read (or Hear) Before You Grow Up

best chapter books for elementary kids or read alouds - This amazing list includes selections for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade and up. Every parent, mom, dad, and teacher will find good and appropriate books here, all curated by a former teacher and homeschool mom who included a summary of each book alongside its name!

It is worth noting that Grace loves a particular series of fairy books, but I hate them. Hate them. The text is dull and not well written. It’s the book form of candy, empty words without any redeeming intellectual value. There are probably books in your children’s lives that are the same way. Why not feed their little brains with good literature instead of junk books? Just like I limit the junk food in Grace’s belly, I limit the junk books in her brain. I’ll loosen up a little when she’s old enough to read her own books, but as long … Read more

24 Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

A couple months ago, I decided that we should belong to a homeschool co-op. That’s what homeschoolers do, right? They join co-ops and have fun, interesting classes. Our daily homeschool time has gone the way of Allie’s dropped naps, and my relatives worry that Grace isn’t learning enough. {Okay, so I worry about that, too.} Anyway, I researched co-ops, and I found one with a schedule that worked for us. Grace was elated about the course offerings – Fancy Nancy, Meow Woof Bark, and Edible Math! She couldn’t wait to begin. Allie was less than thrilled, clawing at the door … Read more

Teaching Morals to a Kindergartener (featuring the We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit)

We Choose Virtues

I met Heather McMillan, creator of  We Choose Virtues, at the 2:1 Conference in April. We connected over Harrisburg (she lives in Harrisburg, OR), and we both knew we’d become friends. She wrote a guest post on fear in May, and we decided that I would review her Homeschool Kit over the summer. The We Choose Virtues Homeschool Kit contains a lot of materials: posters, flashcards, teaching cards, stickers, and more, plus a coloring book and a Teacher’s Handbook, both in PDF. How We’re Using We Choose Virtues At first, I wasn’t sure exactly how to use all of the … Read more