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How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner Whether It’s Your First Time or Tenth

Hosting a Simple Thanksgiving Dinner Tips - Whether it's your first time hosting or your tenth, this ebook is full of great tips for the menu (full of delectable, easy food like turkey and crockpot mashed potatoes), decorating, and more. Includes a checklist and shopping list printables.

You are a busy woman. I know you are. You have too much on your plate, and not enough time to do everything. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and you’ve been volunteered to host this year. Does the idea of hosting Thanksgiving leave you completely overwhelmed? You want to spend time enjoying your family on the big day and not be a slave in the kitchen, all by yourself the whole time. I know the feeling. Wouldn’t it be great if someone put together your Thanksgiving menu for you – complete with shopping and tool lists? I have done exactly that. … Read more

Living Smarter: Save Time & Money By Using Things You Already Have

Tonight at 8pm, I’m hosting a tele-class called Living Smarter: Save Time & Money By Using What You Already Have. I hope you’ll come! What is a tele-class? It’s a little like a conference call, except that you can call in by phone or login from your computer. There will be a chat window where you can ask and answer questions. Everyone will be muted except for me as I give the class. How long is the tele-class? One hour, give or take a few minutes. What are you going to talk about? We are going to cover four main points … Read more

Download my Free Guide – 8 Tips for Stress-free Living

Feels Like Home is all about living fully. Be more present and intentional about whatever you choose to do. Creating the life you want instead of trudging through the life you have. Finding joy in your circumstances, whatever they may be. (I’ll be the first to admit – I haven’t been stellar at this over the last two years, but I’m trying to change those habits.) But not everyone knows what living fully is all about. They don’t know how to do it. I’ve written a great little e-guide to help. It’s only 7 pages – a quick and easy … Read more

This Can Be Your Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Thanksgiving is a little less than 3 weeks away. Are you hosting friends or family? Are you ready? Several years in a row, I printed out dozens of recipes, baked and tested, and came up with the perfect traditional Thanksgiving feast. There’s no strawberry salad here, no turkey cutlets, no sweet potatoes and mushroom gratin (I once made that. Yuck!). It’s hearty comfort food, traditional and familiar and perfect. It also has quite a bit of gluten, so if you’re looking for a gluten-free meal, this isn’t it. I haven’t made those tweaks yet. (Though, there are quite a few recipes that … Read more

Celebrate Advent with Truth in the Tinsel

celebrate advent

Jesus is a big deal, isn’t He? I sorta think so. Is He bigger than your Christmas tree? Bigger than the presents your kids get on Christmas morning? He should be. Advent, the celebration of the coming of our Lord and Savior, begins this year on December 2. That’s exactly 23 days away from today. The Jesse Tree is and always will be my favorite way to celebrate Advent, but last year, we added an awesome supplement. Written by my friend, Amanda, Truth in the Tinsel involves a daily Bible reading from the Christmas story along with a craft project, a discussion … Read more

Finding Hope in Depression

finding hope in depression

So. This is not an easy subject to write about, and the words are not crowding my conscious as they did in yesterday’s post. With that one, the post rattled around in my brain until I set it free in the pages of my journal. It happens sometimes, but it isn’t happening now. Nonetheless, I want to write this. I believe that someone needs to read it. I hope it isn’t you, but it might be. I have struggled with depression on and off for the last 15 years. I know the dull ache of surrounded by bodies and yet all alone, … Read more