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How to Make an Easy $2 Witch’s Hat

How to Make an Easy $2 Witch's Hat

This is a sponsored post. My girls like to wear birthday hats. Allie especially likes them because she thinks she’ll get a birthday cake and presents every time she puts one on. It never pans out, but she always has hope. I buy party hats at the dollar store. They have tons of them to choose from in several different sizes, and they are very cheap. The last time we were there, they had big, fancy ones – covered in stars, with tinsel at the top and all around the bottom. I mentioned to Grace that the black ones looked … Read more

Easy Beaded Butterfly Craft

We keep a plastic grocery bag stuffed full of empty toilet paper rolls on the doorknob of the closet in our bathroom. Once, Joe threw the whole bag away, and I grumbled for days. He hasn’t made that mistake again. Because we have all the empty toilet paper rolls that we want, we make all kinds of toilet paper roll crafts. They’re convenient little recyclables. Back in March, Grace wrote a story about an orange and black butterfly. It is hanging in our art gallery, formerly known as the doors of the china cabinet. (Because of her difficulties with the physical … Read more

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister – 37 Fishy Activities & Art Projects

Activities for the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Have you ever heard of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister? It’s a beautiful (and controversial) children’s book about a fish who learns to share. I read it to my niece when she was a little girl, and now I’m reading it to my girls. I love when that happens! A few weeks ago, we participated in the Love Books Summer Book Exchange. We created a package around the book Tiger, Tiger by Dee Lillegard, and we mailed it off to Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs. Cassie and her kids sent us a package, too. Their book was The Rainbow Fish, and … Read more

Painting With Sticks and Leaves

Painting With Sticks and Leaves

Both of my girls really liked this painting project. Though, they squeal with excitement every single time I get out the paints, so they would really like any project that involved them. Materials The materials for this project are really simple. Washable paints A palette or paper plate Construction paper Sticks and leaves – Take a little tote bag and go for a walk in your backyard or down the street. Collect a dozen or so tough (not fragile) leaves. Also collect interesting seed pods, sticks, and whatever you find. Sweet gum pods would be great, as would anything with an unusual … Read more

Bird Seed Painting – Easy Crafts for Kids

easy crafts for kids

I try to do an easy craft or artsy project during each day’s homeschool lesson. This one was especially fun for Grace (because it was really messy, just to give you fair warning) and used up some supplies we had lying around. We worked a lot of different materials into this particular project, incorporating fine motor skills practice as well as painting practice, sorting, and grouping. Bird Seed At the beginning of the summer, Grace and Joe decided to make a bird feeder. Joe bought the smallest bag of bird seed he could find (which was also the cheapest and … Read more

2 Simple Christmas Tree Crafts

We like decorating our Christmas trees. Can you tell? We’ve done a lot of decorating this month. 2 dimensional trees, 3 dimensional trees, edible trees and inedible trees. It’s been fun. This simple 2D tree was made from cutting pieces of craft foam into triangles, a perfect job for little fingers. Then we decorated it with foam stickers. This 3D Christmas tree came from an ice cream cone. Yes, a plain old sugar cone! We colored white frosting green using food dye, smeared it onto the cone, and decorated with candies, fruit, and chocolate and butterscotch chips. Easy peasy!