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123 Easter Basket Ideas

I love all the holidays, and all the special non-holiday holidays that my kids and I have come up with. I love to celebrate all the moments. It just so happens that making Easter baskets is a big part of springtime for me. I look forward to it as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, and I have lots of Easter basket ideas to help you fill yours. Easter happens to be the holiest of holidays in the Christian faith, remembering the sacrifice Jesus made in giving His life to cleanse all humanity’s sins and restore us to a right relationship … Read more

Bring the Easter Story to Life with A Sense of the Resurrection

A Sense of the Resurrection teaches children about Jesus' death through real life sensory experiences.

We love holidays at my house. Obviously. Even though many all of the holidays have been difficult since my mom died, I think it’s so important to preserve my kids’ childhood celebrations. Holidays are magical when you’re little, and I want my kids to be little for as long as possible. During Advent, we focus on Jesus for the whole month before Christmas. We study his lineage through our Jesse Tree devotionals, and we talk about our excitement for His coming. We celebrate His birthday, and then Santa comes and brings lots of presents. I don’t think it’s confusing for … Read more

Rainbow Button Craft – An Easter Egg Craft

Rainbow Button Easter Egg Craft

Sometimes, when Grace and I are really lucky, Allie meanders down the steps after lunch, lays down on our overstuffed chair, and falls asleep. I say it happens only when we’re lucky because – although we love her madly – Allie can be a veritable distraction when Grace is trying to get her schoolwork done. She’s a little past the halfway point of first grade, and she is getting in to new topics, things she doesn’t already know. She needs to focus. I suppose you could argue that I need to do a better job of occupying Allie while Grace … Read more

Easter Eggs Sensory Bin

Frugal Easter Egg Sensory Bin

The last time I put together a sensory bin for my girls was a disaster. Well, it was a disaster for Allie. Grace loved it. Like always, I failed to pack it up and put it away, so it’s still sitting in a dishpan in my dining room. I’m just on the ball like that. Anyway. I learned a little something from that St. Patrick’s Day experience and No Time for Flashcards. I put a few cups of fruity o’s (or whatever the generic Fruit Loops are called) in a bowl with a SOLO cup, a tiny scoop, and two … Read more

106 Things to Put in Easter Eggs

what to put in easter eggs

I like candy. A lot. Give me some chocolate and I’ll follow you anywhere. Okay, not anywhere, but many places. My kids like candy, too. They like candy so much that they’ll eat it until their bellies hurt and then whine for days. As the parent, it’s my job to make sure they don’t get enough candy to make that happen. At the same time, I don’t want to deprive them of a super fun Easter egg hunt on Sunday. We’ll be stuffing our Easter eggs with things from this list. If you’re also looking for some non-candy alternatives, pick … Read more

How to Cook Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

It’s egg season!
I love Easter. My favorite thing about Easter is Easter candy, but I haven’t imbibed this year. I don’t intend to imbibe, either. Easter can be great without lots of candy.
My hard boiled eggs are terrible.
I’m not alone. A study conducted by the American Egg Board in February 2010 showed that fewer than 30% of us hard cook our eggs properly.
Lest I ruin someone else’s Easter eggs, I consulted the American Egg Board for help with the hard cooking.