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Give Back This Holiday Season

This week, I shared Ways that Kids Can Do Good at FaithGateway. In that piece, I wrote that I think all parents worry about our children feeling spoiled and entitled to some degree (especially in America), but being spoiled and entitled is not a foregone conclusion. I may have mentioned modeling good behavior in every blog post I’ve ever written, or maybe it just feels that way, but that’s where it starts. As parents, we must: Model altruism Model charity Model compassion Make doing good part of our lives. In that post, I shared 13 ways that kids can give … Read more

Spring Cleaning – The Linen Closet

I have a linen closet in my upstairs hallway. The door won’t close. It’s been like that for a long time, maybe a year. Probably longer. It’s not blocked open exactly. The door closes to the frame, but the closet is stuffed too full for the door to latch. Il y a longtemps, my friends. Plus longtemps. (I’m reading a biography of Marie Antoinette. French is fresh in my brain.) Today, I discovered some fancy beads (big, clunky ones with sparkly stones, perfect for my large wrist) that I had gotten on clearance at the craft store when we went … Read more