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The Right Answer Was the Wrong One

Sometimes, as a parent, I have to assert my I know I’m right and you need to do what I say right now powers. You know. You’ve done it, too. Busy streets, crowds of people, dangerous predicaments. There are times when it’s vital for my child to do what I say, usually for her safety but sometimes for the respect of someone else or their property. This was one of those times. I thought I was preventing her from falling into a fishpond. Turns out, it was my asserting my way that made her fall into the fishpond. We were eating … Read more

I Have A Confession

I have a confession, Dear Reader. My child exasperates me sometimes. She’s two. She’s smart, and she often acts like she’s older than she is. She likes to sit and read. She can be calm and polite. She always says thank you and usually says please. She speaks in full sentences almost all the time, and it’s easy to carry on a conversation with her. She knows the ABCs and can count to ten. She can throw, catch, and kick a ball. When she is struck by an attack of two-year-old behavior, I don’t know what to do. I don’t … Read more