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27 Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler

27 easy DIY Christmas tree ornaments that preschoolers can make - These homemade crafts include everything from pictures to paint to popsicle sticks to pipe cleaners to beads and, of course, glitter. They are a fun way to celebrate Xmas with your kids, and they will make adorable decorations on your tree or great gifts for the grandparents!

When I was putting together our Christmas Countdown chain, I decided to put up a small Christmas tree in Grace’s room. My thought was that we could put up a special tree – decorated with ornaments made by Grace. I imagine it will have lights on it, too, but the garlands, decorations, and topper will all be made by Grace and me. That task presented a challenge; I couldn’t at first think of many ornaments Grace could make. I dug around the internet until I found a bunch. Some are kitchy and rough, others are fancier. They’re all appropriate for … Read more