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101 Life Lessons to Teach My Daughters

101 Life lessons to teach my daughter with Bible verses and quotes - Lessons to live by for girls and women. Things I've learned about relationships, wisdom, friendships, and hard truths. Some funny, some serious. Words from Mom about people, family, God, and life. Inspirational and motivational stories about growing up. Wise advice about living, paying bills feelings, making mistakes. So positive and so true.

I’m 38. My daughters are 7 and 10. When I think back over a lifetime of life lessons and what I have learned so far, there is so much that I want to share with my girls. I want them to have an easy road and not have to come up with all this stuff the way I did, the hard way, full of heartache and trauma and tears. I want my girls to learn and know now what it has taken me 38 years to discover. I want to avoid heartache and big mistakes for them. They won’t take my advice … Read more

Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Girly Girl

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girly Girls

When I was pregnant the first time, I was certain I was going to raise my daughter in a gender-neutral way. There would be no pink, no purple. No princesses. There would be baby dolls and a dollhouse, but no Barbies. There would be stuffed animals and My Little Ponies, but also cars and trains and guns and pirates. I knew that gender is a cultural phenomena, that the princess mentality is learned, and that girls absent Barbies and princesses and lives swathed in pink could grow up to be strong, confident, independent women. Well. I have two daughters now, and the … Read more