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The Best 20+ Adult & Teen Games for Date Night

20+ best adult games for date night, but the whole family will enjoy these, even the kids!

I love games. I’m very good at games, too, which makes it less fun to play with me, but my dear husband is a very good sport and doesn’t mind that he usually loses at some things. Games are a great way to enjoy quality time together as a couple after the kids are in bed. They reduce the pressure on deep conversation and give each of you something to focus on while still providing the time together that your marriage desperately needs. I don’t know about you, but poor Joe and me never have anything to talk about when … Read more

Date Night Questions – Conversation Starters for Married Couples

Date Night Questions for Married Couples or Boyfriends and Girlfriends - These fun questions are great conversation starters. Ask and answer them or separate and write down your answers (but it's date night so don't separate). Includes free printable and ideas for using.

Last month, I shared about date night ideas for Christmastime, and several of them are good for the whole winter or even the rest of the year. Go check those out because I wrote a lot of good stuff about why you should have dates with your spouse. As I said in that post, Joe and I do have regular date nights, but what I didn’t write is that we aren’t very good at it. I see other wives who have all kinds of things to say to their husbands, and I wonder what Joe and I are doing wrong. When … Read more

10 Date Night Ideas for Winter and the Christmas Season

I have written several times before about date night and how important it is for us, especially while we’re in the little kid years. In this post, I wrote this: We are married; we live together. We are moving in the same direction with the same goals. We care for the same people in the same space. We eat and sleep together and use the same bathroom. We do almost everything side by side, but we need to spend some time gazing into each other’s eyes. That is as true now as ever. When we fail to spend time on a regular … Read more

Date Nights with Dr. Oetker Ristorante

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Evenings at my house are not conducive to a healthy marriage. When Joe comes home, I go to work (on the couch, but to work nonetheless). We all eat together, and he bathes the children and puts them to bed. Usually, he falls asleep in one room or the other, and I work until the news comes on. Or later. In this season of our lives, there’s not a lot of time for looking deep into each others’ eyes. It’s still important though, vital even. We have a standing date with friends. Each month, the four of us go out … Read more