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Why We Chose An Online Homeschooling Program

We use an online homeschooling program – a cyber charter school. Because Grace was beginning to read and write in the fall after she turned 4, I thought it was time to get her into a formal school program. There are a number of cyber schools in Pennsylvania; we use the only one that has a program for 4-year-olds. I initially enrolled Grace in the cyber school to avoid the copious record keeping required of homeschoolers in our state. If she wasn’t in a public school, I would have to provide my local school district with attendance records, a list … Read more

How to Homeschool Preschool

Since I shared that I am homeschooling Gracie, many readers have asked for my homeschool preschool advice. Some readers send their children to a formal preschool or public school program during the school year and want to refresh their academic skills before the new year begins. Others want to implement a full scale homeschool program for their preschooler gradually over the next month or two. Either way, to see that parents are becoming so involved in their children’s education is really awesome, and I applaud all of you! There are dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of superlative preschool resources online.  I couldn’t … Read more

My Homeschool Conundrum

Did you catch my mini revelation in yesterday’s announcement? I’m homeschooling my children. Joe and I came to this agreement a year or so ago, but we were mum about the decision out of respect for my (now former) employer. How We Have Been Doing Homeschool Preschool In the fall, I wrote a guest post for Amy at Raising Arrows about how I was doing homeschool preschool with Grace. As the year (and my pregnancy) progressed, our plans changed out of necessity. At first, I thought we needed curricula. We started with Hooked on Phonics Pre-K through Grade 2 Handwriting … Read more