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Creamy Spinach Doodles

We have a refrigerator full of fresh spinach. Our CSA is harvesting spring greens at a ridiculously fast pace, and they are passing the greens along to us. I hate masses of green mush otherwise known as cooked spinach, and I’ve already grown tired of cold salads, so we had to find a new way to eat the dark green leaves in our fridge. Fortunately, they passed this recipe along, too. We made it tonight, adjusted it, and loved it.   Print Recipe Creamy Spinach Doodles Servings Ingredients 1 pound fusilli pasta1/4 cup butter1 large bunch fresh spinach chopped into … Read more

Do you belong to a CSA?

I do. I renewed my subscription to Spiral Path Farms, our local organic CSA, last week. I first learned about CSAs last summer, and Joe and I decided to subscribe just days after. We had several reasons for subscribing, most notably that we would get fresher, nicer produce for less than we could buy it at the grocery store. Each and every Wednesday from July 2 to Thanksgiving, we picked up a box of fresh organic vegetables. We ate and fed our baby fresh, juicy tomatoes picked only days earlier, the sweetest sweet corn we’d ever experienced, and chunks of … Read more