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Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork With Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

BBQ pulled pork

I love pulled pork. Really and truly love it. And so does Allie, who asks for pulled pork BBQ every single time we go to a state fair or carnival. Since my bariatric surgery, I have been very careful to avoid added sugars, and sadly, traditional barbecue sauce is loaded with added sugar. So we now make our own BBQ sauce. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s not exactly the same as sugary BBQ sauce, but it has a good, rich flavor and makes the pork taste great. To make barbecue pulled pork sandwiches, you’ll first need a … Read more

CrockPot Mediterranean Chicken with Feta and Black Olives

CrockPot Mediterranean Chicken with Black Olives and Feta Cheese

Olives are ubiquitous at my house. They’re always on the table. Special occasions call for olives. Sundays call for olives. We eat olives just about every day. My kids’ favorite part of black olives is putting them on their fingers and pretending to be monsters. I’m not saying you have to do that to make this recipe, but if you feel so inclined, it definitely adds to the charm. Anyway, we tried this recipe recently and loved it. After a day in the crock-pot, the chicken is fall apart tender, the potatoes are perfect, and the feta and olives add … Read more