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How to Make a Tutu: A Tutorial

how to make a tutu without sewing

This tutu tutorial is the #1 post ever on Feels Like Home. I originally posted it in 2009, and it has been viewed and shared all over the world as parents make tutus for their little princesses, fairies, and ballerinas. I hope you enjoy it again today. For her second birthday, I made Grace a no-sew tutu. It is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. You know we’re anti-princess around here, but I thought a tutu would be a perfect dress up piece. Tutus are all about imagination and whimsy. Tutus can work for ballerinas or fairies or … Read more

An Island Grows Book and Volcanic Island Craft

Wouldn’t your kids love to make a volcanic island? It’s a super fun and easy activity that you will all enjoy. Our volcanic island craft began with the Love Books summer book exchange. This was our second year participating in the book exchange; last year we exchanged with 3 Dinosaurs and received The Rainbow Fish book and activities to go with it. I forgot to take a picture of the box, but it arrived beautifully decorated with beaches and islands. You can head over to Capri + 3 to see it before it was mailed. Inside the package was a book … Read more

Rainbow Button Craft – An Easter Egg Craft

Rainbow Button Easter Egg Craft

Sometimes, when Grace and I are really lucky, Allie meanders down the steps after lunch, lays down on our overstuffed chair, and falls asleep. I say it happens only when we’re lucky because – although we love her madly – Allie can be a veritable distraction when Grace is trying to get her schoolwork done. She’s a little past the halfway point of first grade, and she is getting in to new topics, things she doesn’t already know. She needs to focus. I suppose you could argue that I need to do a better job of occupying Allie while Grace … Read more

How to Make an Herb Terrarium for Under $15

how to make a terrarium

Yesterday, my girls and I were wandering around the Wal-Mart (we’d gone in for one thing, but it always happens) when I saw a large glass jar. I didn’t see a large empty jar on the shelf; I saw a lush terrarium. So of course, I bought the jar and a couple of herbs. The Wal-Mart didn’t have any house plants, only herbs and annuals. After poaching my garden shed, I made the prettiest terrarium ever. Or maybe it’s just the prettiest one I ever made. Either way, it’s nice. I have been bitten by a terrarium bug. I want … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Valentine Games and Other Printables

This is my very last crafty Valentine’s Day post. I’m a wee bit sad about that. I’ve really enjoyed scouring the internet for awesome Valentine’s Day crafts and printables. It’s been fun, and I’ve found all kinds of blogs that I never knew existed. In case you missed any of them, this series has contained all of the following: Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children Other Crafty Gifts Gifts Kids (Even Preschoolers) Can Make for Adults Gifts Kids (Even Preschoolers) can Make for Other Kids Valentines to Print and Frame Valentine Cards to Print Games and … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts Kids Can Make for Adults

homemade valentines day gifts for kids to make

I love this series! Homemade gifts speak volumes about your friends and family. More than jewelry. Well. Maybe not more than jewelry, but more than a lot of stuff. The homemade Valentine’s Day gift suggestions I’ve posted so far have been: Gifts of Food Gifts for the Home Gifts for Children Other Crafty Gifts I hope you like the series, too. Now that we’re finding a routine and life is feeling normal, Grace and I are thinking about crafty projects. We are planning on making more than one of the gifts below, but the recipients read my blog, so I … Read more