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8 Sleep Tips for Every Child (and Every Parent)

How to get your child to sleep through the night. Sleep tips, ideas, and suggestions for every kid from Elizabeth Pantley author of The No Cry Sleep Solution. Parenting at bedtime and at night.

We do everything we can to preserve sleep for as many of us as possible, especially at nighttime, but we’ve had a few frustrations lately: Most nights, Grace wakes up during the night and comes over to our room. I don’t mind her coming over when she’s afraid or needs reassurance. What bugs me is that she plans on waking up so she can come over to my room. Allie naps for all of 40 minutes many days, often even less. Elizabeth Pantley, author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution, offered the following tips to help me figure out what’s going … Read more

Our Family Bed

Just after publishing When Breast Isn’t Best (where I was thinking a lot about the pressures that we put on moms and the guilt that follows and how parents have to make hard choices based on what’s best for our whole families), I saw a Tweet from my friend, Sara, about her post called “The Family Bed: When Did You Stop Co-Sleeping?” Sara explained how each of her three children slept in her bed or in their own bed, by their choice or by the necessity of the situation. She did what was best for her family – for each … Read more