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How to Homeschool Kindergarten Without a Formal Curriculum

Grace, my older daughter, is in fourth grade this year. We have done cyber school, boxed curriculum, and our own thing, and we have been through at least a dozen different publishers’ stuff. I feel like I’m an old pro at elementary school, even though I’ve just been through it once. At any rate, Allie came along into the school mix this year. I started doing some really basic stuff with her around February or March, and she was into it. She wanted to learn to read and write, but she didn’t really understand that the letters make sounds, so I was … Read more

7 Tips for Helping Struggling Writers

  Grace and I have long used a journal during our homeschool time. When she was much younger, she wrote just one sentence and dictated the rest to me. That worked pretty well. All along, I have helped her to sound out her words and reminded her to put finger spaces between the words and add the capital letters and periods. She’s in second grade now, and I think she should be taking on more of the responsibility for the writing (spelling, format, and punctuation), and that is causing a lot of friction between the two of us. In fact, … Read more