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11 Smart Tips for Cooking with Kids

My kids love to cook. They’ve both been cooking with me since they could stand in the kitchen, thanks to their Learning Tower and lots of kid-sized kitchen tools. They’re old pros these days. With me working a full-time job now, we don’t get as much time together in the kitchen as we used to, but they still look forward to the times when we can. If your kids don’t like to cook with you, all isn’t lost. There isn’t one trick to getting your kids into the kitchen. It’s more like the accumulation of many little tricks. Try these: Take … Read more

How to Make Rice Krispie Nests

How to Make Rice Krispie Nests

One day last week, the girls and I were driving somewhere when Grace said, “Mom?” “Yes, Grace?” “You know the church where we have Kids Time? Well, they had Rice Krispie nests with these little jelly beans inside for eggs, and I wasn’t allowed to have one. They said {insert attitude-y voice} ‘You’re allergic to latex, so you can’t have one. You can have a lollipop instead.’ {end attitude-y voice} I didn’t want a lollipop! I wanted a nest! I don’t understand why I couldn’t have a nest. Nests don’t have latex in them. And the doctor said I’m not … Read more

10 Ways to Get Small Children Involved in the Kitchen

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My kid likes to cook. I dare say she loves it. She doesn’t care whether she’s cooking in her play kitchen, or if she’s cooking in my kitchen. She just likes to cook. Whenever I’m in the kitchen, trying to prepare food, Grace wants to help. She pushes her Learning Tower up to whatever surface I’m working at, and she sidles right up next to me. If I’m stirring, she stirs . If I’m chopping onions, she wants to chop onions. Every parent knows that all jobs are easier without the help of an eager but small child. I let … Read more

The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Knowing I wouldn’t be doing it this year, Joe said he wanted to try baking with Christmas cookies with Grace this year. I raised my eyebrows from the couch, but he didn’t see. It’s probably best that way. After a busy Saturday (visiting Santa at Hershey’s Chocolate World and at Bass Pro Shops, without every actually talking to him), Joe and Grace spent Sunday baking. I, on the other hand, had a blissfully quiet and restful weekend. Around noon on Sunday, I left the couch to take a nap in my bed. Life is all about variety, right? When I … Read more

Chicken Salad Recipe for Kids

How to make the best homemade simple and easy chicken salad sandwiches - This classic recipe is quick and uses roast, grilled, or rotisserie, or even canned chicken and a mayonnaise and mustard dressing. Low carb recipe.

I’ve mentioned allowing children to help in the kitchen before, and I want you to know that I practice what I preach. Earlier this week, Grace and I made chicken salad for lunch. Chicken salad is the perfect meal for her to help with. There are no sharp tools. The measurements are totally unimportant. You can taste as you go along. It’s basically a matter of tossing things into a big bowl, mixing it up, and serving. Here’s what we did: If I had been thinking ahead, I would have asked Joe to cook some chicken breasts last night, but … Read more