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10 Crafts to Make with Cookie Cutters

As promised, I made a list of non-food projects that you can use your stash of cookie cutters to make. 10 Crafts to Make with Cookie Cutters Sun art. Set a cookie cutter on top of solar paper (or even very dark construction paper) and set it in bright sun for a few hours. The cookie cutter will keep the paper from changing color where it sits, and the rest of the paper will darken (for solar paper) or fade (for construction paper). Cinnamon air fresheners. Mix equal parts of sweetened applesauce and cinnamon. Knead and squeeze until a solid … Read more

10 Foods to Make with Cookie Cutters

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The last two Tuesdays, I’ve posted 10 Things to Make with a Bundt Pan and 10 Things to Make with a Muffin Pan. The response has been resounding. It sounds like a lot of you have baking dishes sitting around that you aren’t sure how to use. The unintended consequence of these posts has been that readers have emailed and Tweeted to ask me to write a 10 Things to Do with [insert each person’s unused kitchen gadget here]. I’m here to serve, my Dear Reader. The first request I received was What can I do with my cookie cutters, … Read more