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Baked Apple Pecan Pancakes

baked apple pecan pancake

We have breakfast for dinner very, very rarely. There’s no reason in particular; we all love breakfast foods. It’s just that we normally eat our breakfast foods for breakfast. At this stage in my pregnancy, I am hungry. Starving. Almost all the time. Even though I’m constantly hungry, I’m experiencing intense food aversions. A lot of the foods we’d normally consider for supper are making me nauseous. In many cases, the mere idea of the foods is making me nauseous. I can’t explain it. I have been eating a lot of baked potatoes, but my poor family is craving some … Read more

10 Ways to Use a Coffee Grinder

ways to use a coffee grinder

When I married Joe, we registered for 2 coffee grinders. Everyone assumed we’d made a mistake, but we hadn’t. Joe uses one of the coffee grinders to grind coffee beans every night before he goes to bed. We use the other one for all kinds of things, including many from this list: 10 Ways to Use a Coffee Grinder Grind fresh spices. Not all coffee grinders will work for this, but we use ours to grind peppercorns, cinnamon, and other spices into a fine powder. Simple Bites did a nice explanation of this idea a while back. Homemade spice blends. … Read more

Pasta with Tomato Gorgonzola Sauce

Joe and I have been making this recipe for years and years, perhaps since before we were even married. I haven’t got the faintest idea where the original recipe came from; it’s one of those hand-written recipe cards that found its way into our kitchen. We’ve tweaked it many times over the years, making minor improvements here and there. Because it reheats wonderfully, this is one of our favorite make-ahead meals. Especially when we know ahead of time that we will be in a rush after work, we make this the night before we plan to eat it. It’s better … Read more

10 Things to Make with a Mandoline


This is a mandoline. This is a mandolin. Today, we’re talking about the former. I have an inexpensive mandoline, and I use it all the time. It’s another one of those tools that spends most of its time in the dishwasher, waiting to be cleaned. There are mandolines on the market for upwards of $200. You don’t need a fancy one, just one with a thick blade and a thin blade. A grating blade is nice, too. The idea of a mandoline is that it makes slicing firm foods easier and faster. I can slice a whole zucchini or onion … Read more

10 Things to Make with a Scoop

10 things to make with a scoop

I have a confession to make. I love this series. I’ve really enjoyed brainstorming and sharing my ideas for all kinds of goofy kitchen gadgets. It’s fun for me. So far, we’ve tackled the bundt pan, muffin pan, and cookie cutters (for foods and for crafts). Up this week, the scoop. My friend, Casey, asked me to tackle the scoop. She said that she uses hers for ice cream, but thinks there should be more she can do with it. There is! If you haven’t used your scoop to make ice cream balls, you’re missing out. It makes the perfect … Read more

General Tso’s Stir Fry

Yesterday, there was a 30-second segment on Sesame Street in which the characters talked about tofu. Tofu? Grace asked me. What’s tofu? I explained that it’s a food that I really like. Can we have tofu for supper tonight? I agreed, and I told Grace that we’d have to pick some up on our way home. Unfortunately, we stayed at our friend’s house too long (oohing and aahing over some four-week-old puppies) and didn’t even walk into the grocery store until after 5. I needed a quick and easy supper solution. Featuring tofu. I grabbed a bag of pre-cut broccoli, … Read more