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10 Things to Cook in a Muffin Tin

muffin pan recipes

Of course, you can make muffins and cupcakes in a muffin tin (FYI: any quick bread or cake recipe, even a boxed mix, will make great muffins or cupcakes), and muffin tins can be used to serve food children. But what else can you use them for? A few of these things are the same as my creative uses for a bundt pan. Why? Because the meal itself is that versatile, and can adapt to almost any container. As with the bundt pan, make sure you grease, wipe with melted butter, or spritz the muffin cups with non-stick cooking spray … Read more

10 Things to Cook in a Bundt Pan

what to do with a bundt pan

Some call it a bundt pan, a fluted pan, or even an angel food cake pan. Do you have one? Do you use it? A tube pan is slightly different than a bundt pan. A bundt pan (pictured below) has indentations that make bumps on the finished cake. A tube pan has a flat bottom and sides. They are otherwise the same, and all of the following suggestions will work in either kind of pan. At the opening dinner of the Savvy Blogging Summit years ago, Debba confided that she’d thrown her bundt pan away. Another person at our table, … Read more

6 Ways to Use Leftover Ham

how to use leftover ham

I like big family feasts. I like to be in my own home, work like mad to prepare foods, treat everyone, and then eat the leftovers for a week. It’s how I roll. The last two years, we’ve gone to visit my cousins and grandparents near Pittsburgh, and we’ve eaten at a restaurant. Not my favorite, but I don’t think other people enjoy the entertaining the whole gang bit like I do. When you eat at a restaurant, you have no leftovers. That’s the worst part. Anyway, I wanted to put together some recipes that you could use to repurpose … Read more

How to Roast Frozen Brussel Sprouts

how to roast frozen brussels sprouts - It is easy to bake frozen vegetables with these instructions. Use a little olive oil and throw them in the oven following these directions. Simple and easy.

I love roasted vegetables. I can’t think of a single vegetable that doesn’t taste better when roasted. Even the veggies that normally get a bad rap – asparagus, brussels sprouts, beets, cauliflower – are flavorful and tasty when you roast them. Fresh veggies are always best to roast. They take on a rich, full flavor, and they don’t lose their texture. I have been hungry for roasted brussels sprouts for a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t find any in the produce section of the grocery store. So. I bought a bag of frozen brussel sprouts. I wasn’t sure if … Read more

Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts of Food

red velvet whoopie pies

A lot of people hate Valentine’s Day. I think it’s because they see the holiday as commercial – made up for the sake of selling cards and flowers. I don’t see Valentine’s Day that way at all. I think it’s a perfect excuse to love on the people who are important to me. I dislike commercialism and feeling pressured to buy things, for sure. But I really enjoy an excuse to shower my husband and daughters and friends with love and affection. I think it comes from my mom and my grandma. They always celebrated us on Valentine’s Day. In … Read more

10 Uses for Tongs

kitchen tongs uses

There are lots of different tongs out there, from light plastic ones to heavy metal and rubber ones. We have a few different kinds of tongs – a small bamboo set, a plastic set, and a heavy metal set. 10 Uses for Tongs Turn a dish without removing it from the oven. Because the tongs have a long handle, you don’t have to pull the dish the whole way out of the heat. It will cook more quickly, and you won’t burn your fingers. Toss a salad. Bake potatoes. Wrap the potatoes in foil and cook them directly on the … Read more