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Free Printable Coloring Bookmarks

Free printable black and white bookmarks for adults and kids to color - These cute drawings include motivational and inspirational quotes. Girls and women will love these floral and sketched DIY bookmarks.

My sweet 8-year-old, Allie, is just discovering a love of reading. She has never really enjoyed books before now, but the switch has flipped, and she loves to have me read to her whenever we can sit down together. Allie’s favorite book right now is the ICB Bible, followed closely by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham and Karma Wilson’s wonderful and plentiful bear books. We read them frequently, and I’m hoping that she will figure out some of the words in Green Eggs and Ham as her reading improves. Allie also loves the computer, and she saw me making … Read more

Thinking About Thanksgiving

This past weekend was the first in at least a month when both Joe and I were home together and there was nothing pressing on the calendar. He spent time cleaning our basement/family room. I had a few posts to write, and I wanted to start working on cleaning our bedroom to make room for the bassinet. We both wanted to spend time playing with Grace and lavishing her with attention. She’s been struggling the last couple of weeks. Joe has been working six days a week, between eleven and thirteen hours a day. She’s being teased by some of … Read more