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Introducing Our Newest Pets – Hermit Crabs

Before we went to the beach, I mentioned to Joe that I’d always wanted to have pet hermit crabs. It turns out that he’d always wanted some, too. We’d only ever seen hermit crabs at PetSmart and at the beach and, to be honest, the ones at the beach seemed better cared for. We read up on hermit crabs and learned that they aren’t hermits at all. They are social, pack animals, and they need the company of other crabs. We decided to buy 5. We picked the most active crabs from the cleanest, nicest stand on the boardwalk. Moonie, … Read more

Joe’s First Slip N Slide

A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip, Joe told me he’d never played on a Slip N Slide. I couldn’t believe it. Given this tragic news, I wouldn’t allow him to pass by the Slip N Slides without buying one. It was $9. Our Slip N Slide sat around in the box for a month or more, and then, one hot afternoon, Joe spread it out in the yard. The instructions suggest that the Slip N Slide is for ages 5 to 12 only. Neither Grace nor Joe is in that age range, but it didn’t stop them from … Read more