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Is your family over-scheduled?

I am a compulsive joiner. It’s part of my DNA. My joining began in first grade, when I joined the Girl Scouts. I tried to join my sister, too, but they wouldn’t let her in. She was too little. In third grade, we joined cheerleading. We wore sweatshirts in September in Virginia. I remember that being a fiasco. Throughout my school years, I joined Release Time and clubs and groups. I ran for student council every year (but never got voted in). In seventh grade, I joined the school volleyball team. The biggest uniform they had didn’t cover my underwear … Read more

24 Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

A couple months ago, I decided that we should belong to a homeschool co-op. That’s what homeschoolers do, right? They join co-ops and have fun, interesting classes. Our daily homeschool time has gone the way of Allie’s dropped naps, and my relatives worry that Grace isn’t learning enough. {Okay, so I worry about that, too.} Anyway, I researched co-ops, and I found one with a schedule that worked for us. Grace was elated about the course offerings – Fancy Nancy, Meow Woof Bark, and Edible Math! She couldn’t wait to begin. Allie was less than thrilled, clawing at the door … Read more