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My Mom’s Opinion of My Ingenious Parenting Tip

Joe gets up and goes to church early every Sunday morning. He’s part of our church’s worship team, and they practice before the service. This leaves me to get the girls fed, ready, and out the door by myself. I don’t mind getting the girls fed, ready, and out the door by myself. I do it every day of the week, but the process is complicated slightly because I can’t seem to get myself in bed early enough on Saturday night. So. I came up with a getting ready for church plan that I thought was fairly brilliant. I dress … Read more

Grace’s New Shoes

If you’ve been reading Feels Like Home Blog for any period of time, you probably know that I am a serious Crocs fan. I have more than a dozen pairs of Crocs, and I wear them pretty much everywhere I go. A couple weeks ago, a PR professional representing Crocs contact me. It was the first time ever. Frankly, I don’t know what took them so long. Anyway, this lovely woman offered to send my daughter a pair of Crocs that change color in the sunshine. It took me all of three seconds to email her back and say, “Why … Read more

10 Princess Books You’ll Want to Read Again & Again

These princess books are not the traditional Disney fairytale! They feature strong, independent, brave, smart girls who solve problems themselves. Great for toddlers, kids, and teens, these books are awesome and funny with beautiful illustrations and a strong life lesson for girls and boys alike.

If you’re a long time reader, you know that I am not into the princess mentality. I don’t call Grace a princess (because, frankly, she isn’t – neither Joe nor myself is part of any royal lineage), and I don’t allow clothing with princess written on it. When she asked for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dress-up stuff for her third birthday, I acquiesced. Our home was quickly inundated by princess garb, princess dolls, and princess books. Grace loves her princess friends, and they’ve grown on me, too. I have even found a few princess stories that I like. Don’t tell … Read more

Dancing Classes

Leotard with attached tutu – $17 2 pairs of dancing tights – $12 Bun holder for fine hair – $8 Pony tail holders for fine hair – $4 Tap dancing shoes – $35 Ballet shoes – $24 Dancing bag – $17 First month of preschool dancing classes – $45 The look on her face at the end of the first class – Priceless  

How to Throw a Simple Princess Birthday Party for a Preschooler

Simple & easy DIY Disney princess birthday party for preschoolers - My 3-year-old loved this party. Complete with ideas for favors and goodie bags, activities, food, crafts, and games. Because the party was outside, we had only basic decorations. Easy to do on a budget or with toddlers. Served cupcakes instead of a big cake and kids decorated them at the party.

I put a little party together this past weekend for Grace’s third birthday. We’d already had the family party, but Grace asked (for the first time ever) to invite her friends to the party. We invited her whole class – 12 kids – plus a family that we’re good friends with. I was afraid that they’d all show up, and I’d be seriously outmatched, but we ended up with 9 kids. Perfect! Princess Party Invitations The invitations were not fancy. They were a free download; I printed them at home and wrote in the relevant info. Princess Party Location The … Read more

Purging the Unnecessary

I am purging. Purging my house. Purging my psyche. Purging my calendar. Purging my life. My decision to clear the clutter from my life was inspired by the Weight Release process, by Simple Mom’s favorite quote, and by my friend, Megan. First, the Weight Release process has, in a very short time, understand that I must take care of my own needs first. I need to be able to find clean clothes to wear in the morning. I need to have a calm, peaceful, orderly home. I need quiet time to think and write and recharge my own batteries. My … Read more