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Cleaning My Sink with Clorox Clean Up with Smart Tube Technology

I am a slob. I have always been a slob. When I was a single girl, teaching in the school year and loafing in the summers, my house got a little out of control. Okay, maybe a lot out of control. At any rate, a friend told me about this ingenious thing she signed up for online – the Flylady. They Flylady told her to get dressed and put her shoes on first thing in the morning, to clean her sink so her kitchen would sparkle, and to make her bed every day. She sent my friend email reminders, and … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Toilet

Last month, I did a review as part of The Home Depot’s Renew Your Bathroom promotion. That promotion has ended, but our bathroom refresher has just begun. This is our fancy, new dual flush toilet. Except, inside, it’s not quite sparkling and new any more. I blame the cats. Cats can learn to use the toilet, you know. It’s too bad mine never did; that would be a perfect excuse. How to Clean A Toilet In my homemade cleaning products post, I explained that you can use full strength white vinegar to clean your toilet. That will take out soap … Read more