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My Car Smells Like Nothing

It’s confession time. My car stinks. I mean, it’s a great car, and I love it, but it smells. The smell is partly due to my kids Grace treating the back seat like her personal locker/trashcan/junk drawer (smelly shoes, sweaty clothes, used napkins, toys, books, you name it) and partly due to the humidity of summer and I don’t know what else. It might also have something to do with my forgetting a wet diaper or a stale drink now and then. In addition, we live in a ruralish area in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of farms, and (if … Read more

How to Fix Stinky Shoes

how to fix smelly shoes

My feet sweat a lot, and my kids’ feet sweat a lot. I wear Crocs or flip flops 99% of the time, so my shoes aren’t a problem, but my kids shoes are perpetually stinky. It’s really embarrassing to sit in library story hour with a toddler who takes her shoes off and makes everyone in the room gag. Thus, I’ve started addressing the odor at home. I’ve read all sorts of home remedies including: stick a dryer sheet in each shoe as soon as you take them off (we don’t buy dryer sheets) fill the foot of pantyhose with … Read more

Cleaning My Sink with Clorox Clean Up with Smart Tube Technology

I am a slob. I have always been a slob. When I was a single girl, teaching in the school year and loafing in the summers, my house got a little out of control. Okay, maybe a lot out of control. At any rate, a friend told me about this ingenious thing she signed up for online – the Flylady. They Flylady told her to get dressed and put her shoes on first thing in the morning, to clean her sink so her kitchen would sparkle, and to make her bed every day. She sent my friend email reminders, and … Read more

Spring Cleaning – The Linen Closet

I have a linen closet in my upstairs hallway. The door won’t close. It’s been like that for a long time, maybe a year. Probably longer. It’s not blocked open exactly. The door closes to the frame, but the closet is stuffed too full for the door to latch. Il y a longtemps, my friends. Plus longtemps. (I’m reading a biography of Marie Antoinette. French is fresh in my brain.) Today, I discovered some fancy beads (big, clunky ones with sparkly stones, perfect for my large wrist) that I had gotten on clearance at the craft store when we went … Read more

5 Projects for Tackling Your Family’s Clutter This Summer

How to Tackle Clutter

I almost never accept guest posts, but when this one arrived in my email, I was excited! I couldn’t wait to read it and learn how to tackle my family’s clutter (because you know we’ve got laundry baskets full of clutter over here). I hope you like it. So you’ve got kids, and lots of stuff. I know how it goes. Now that school’s out, this is the perfect time to take a hard look at all the things they have and all the clutter your family has built up. Here are just a few ideas for summer projects for … Read more

My Attempts at Deslobification

house cleaning schedule

Do you remember when I wrote about the housework schedule that I created for Joe and I? It was ambitious. It was unrealistic. While it is true that all those things should be done, there is not enough time in the day for us to each work, take care of our children, bathe, eat, and do all of that cleaning. If we had a housekeeper or different priorities, maybe we could make it work. Maybe not. For a couple of months now, Joe and I have been purging the excess crap from our house and our lives. It’s a daily … Read more