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My Car Smells Like Nothing

It’s confession time. My car stinks. I mean, it’s a great car, and I love it, but it smells. The smell is partly due to my kids Grace treating the back seat like her personal locker/trashcan/junk drawer (smelly shoes, sweaty clothes, used napkins, toys, books, you name it) and partly due to the humidity of summer and I don’t know what else. It might also have something to do with my forgetting a wet diaper or a stale drink now and then. In addition, we live in a ruralish area in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of farms, and (if … Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Rest of the Room

This week, I explained how to thoroughly clean your toilet and sink. But there’s more to a bathroom than the toilet and the sink. Unless it’s a half bath, but even so, you’ve got a floor and a trash can and more. So how do you spring clean the rest? Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom Clean your toilet. Clean your sink. Don’t forget the vanity and area under the sink. Wipe it off inside and out, remove anything that belongs somewhere else, and replace the items that belong inside. Remove everything from your medicine cabinet, if you have one. Purge the … Read more