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10 Princess Books You’ll Want to Read Again & Again

These princess books are not the traditional Disney fairytale! They feature strong, independent, brave, smart girls who solve problems themselves. Great for toddlers, kids, and teens, these books are awesome and funny with beautiful illustrations and a strong life lesson for girls and boys alike.

If you’re a long time reader, you know that I am not into the princess mentality. I don’t call Grace a princess (because, frankly, she isn’t – neither Joe nor myself is part of any royal lineage), and I don’t allow clothing with princess written on it. When she asked for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty dress-up stuff for her third birthday, I acquiesced. Our home was quickly inundated by princess garb, princess dolls, and princess books. Grace loves her princess friends, and they’ve grown on me, too. I have even found a few princess stories that I like. Don’t tell … Read more

Who Do You Want to Be?

Playing with Grace has taken on new level of fun. Grace has been interested in pretend play for years. She wasn’t yet two when she started playing with Alicia and Diego in the backyard. But it has escalated. These days, we pretend to be every character that Grace has ever seen. Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marian. The fox and the hound. Dumbo and his momma. Alicia and Diego. Olivia and Ian. The baby and the momma. Tuck and Ming Ming and Linny. Daddy and Momma. Aurora and Prince Phillip. Ariel and Sebastian. Ariel and the king. Ariel and … Read more

Veggie Tales: Sweet Pea Beauty

You may imagine that this little girl hears a lot of compliments about her looks. She has blond hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and she looks tan all year long. Especially because she’s shy, the compliments she hears most often are that she’s cute, adorable, beautiful, and the like. There’s so much more to my daughter than her physical beauty. She has a keen memory. She can make anyone laugh. She’s reserved and observant. She has a kind spirit and a generous heart. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with seeing herself as beautiful; I want her to have healthy … Read more