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130+ Best Educational Stocking Stuffers for Kids of All Ages

130+ educational stocking stuffer ideas for kids - Your children will love these great gift ideas that are small enough to fit in a normal Christmas stocking! Lots of unique and creative ideas including games, books, and more for kids, tweens, and teens both girls and boys.

Do you like stuffing your children’s stockings? I don’t particularly, to be honest. I love wrapping presents and making big piles, but I fizzle out where stockings are concerned. I usually forget about the stockings until way late, too, and then I have to rush around and order a bunch of things from Amazon because I haven’t planned very well. And then, I end up with tons of extra stuff that doesn’t fit into the stocking because I went overboard in panic. It’s a vicious cycle that happens every single year. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to put … Read more

Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Girly Girl

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girly Girls

When I was pregnant the first time, I was certain I was going to raise my daughter in a gender-neutral way. There would be no pink, no purple. No princesses. There would be baby dolls and a dollhouse, but no Barbies. There would be stuffed animals and My Little Ponies, but also cars and trains and guns and pirates. I knew that gender is a cultural phenomena, that the princess mentality is learned, and that girls absent Barbies and princesses and lives swathed in pink could grow up to be strong, confident, independent women. Well. I have two daughters now, and the … Read more

Coloring the Advent

coloring the advent

Grace is really into the Advent coloring pages I printed out for her. Each day, she asks me to trace around the part she should color (even though she knows her numbers; I’m not sure what her reasoning is). Over the weekend, Grace found a brand new pack of metallic and rainbow-colored crayons under the Christmas tree. She was overjoyed; she loves crayons and markers and art projects. What luck! I think they fell out of their (poor) hiding place when Joe put the Christmas tree up, and he didn’t notice. Oops. One less thing in her Christmas stocking. See … Read more