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Everything’s Not Fine

Grief is a funny thing. I’ll go for weeks, feeling mostly okay, not missing her so badly, not crying for days and days. Then BAM! My gaze lands on the picture of my parents at my wedding. Or when I agreed to make plans to go out to eat on Thanksgiving because being at home without her and her perfect turkey gravy is just too hard. Or when my husband and kids decorated the giant Christmas tree that she bought when I was a little girl. Or when made out my Christmas gift planning list and write her name after … Read more

40+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

40+ gift suggestions for toddlers

My kids have pretty much everything: trains, Barbies, blocks, puzzles, doll houses, dinosaurs, Little People (and then more Little People) (and more Little People after that), movies, Pillow Pets… I could go on and on and on. I had a real spending problem back when we were a two income family. Who am I kidding? I still have a spending problem; I just have less money now. (That’s a blessing. Seriously.) When Grace was an only child, I bought her everything I thought she could ever want and a lot of things that she didn’t want. It was insane. All … Read more

40+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

gift suggestions for girls

Early on, Joe and I decided to limit Grace’s Christmas gifts. We tried 5 gifts (and failed) and then decided that 3 would be better. Jesus got 3 gifts; 3 gifts are good enough for my kids. We cheat a little because Santa gives 3 gifts, and then we give pajamas and an additional gift on Christmas Eve. And a stocking. We’re getting better. Last year, I forgot to post my annual list of Christmas gift suggestions. Readers complained. Sorry about that. After all that, there was no way I’d forget this year. Every item on this list is something … Read more

The Magic of Christmas

I looked at my blog today and realized that I hadn’t posted anything in six days. Christmas sorta got away from me. I guess that’s just how it goes when you’re a grown up. Between the decorating, the eating, the crying, the shopping, and the cleaning, I scarcely had time to sleep. No matter how busy I felt, I hope to commit to memory the effervescent 2-year-old running around and around my house for 72 hours. Christmas was every bit as magical as I’d hoped. On Christmas Eve, Joe and I ran around like crazy people cleaning and cooking – … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

I love Christmas. Grace loves Christmas, too. Last week, every time I brought up being thankful for something, she was thankful for Christmas, Santa Claus, and presents. I’ve been reading Christmas Gift Guides all over the internet; the best ones I’ve seen so far were at ZRecs and No Time for Flashcards. I’m sure there are other amazing ones, but those two really line up with the kinds of gifts we buy for Grace, so I read them carefully to see what the authors had to say. It also helps that I know and love the authors of both sites. … Read more