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Easy Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

Easy & cute DIY pine cone tree crafts for kids - This Christmas tree craft is so simple even preschoolers can make it! Makes a great ornament for the holiday tree. These projects work well with big or small pine cones and make great Xmas gifts or package decorations. Perfect for children in kindergarten or any age.

Welcome to pine cone craft day on Feels Like Home! What a silly thing to have a day for, but I knew I wanted to share a whole bunch of pine cone crafts and, to avoid flooding my dear readers’ inboxes day after day with pine cone craft posts, I decided to try to post them all at once, within an hour, so that only one email would go out to readers containing all the crafts at once. These cute pine cone Christmas trees are the first of five quick little crafty projects that can be completed by kids or … Read more

Simple & Easy DIY Sequined Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids & Adults

How to make DIY sequin and pin styrofoam ball Christmas tree ornaments for kids and adults - These simple & easy handmade ornaments make a pretty addition to any homemade Xmas tree. Awesome, fun craft for children, tweens, and teens. Picture shows stripes, but ideas for other decorations and patterns with loose sequins and lots of bling.

We have on different occasions made lots of different projects with loose sequins, the most memorable being this sequined snowflake Grace and I made when she was 3 1/2. It was not especially pleasing to the eye, but she was proud of it, and we hung it on the Christmas tree until she peeled all the sequins off. Now that Grace is 11, we make more grown up ornaments that are more pleasing to the eye. This is one that I would be happy to hang, and not just because my child made it but because it actually looks nice. … Read more

Simple & Easy Christmas String Art Ornaments for Kids & Adults

Simple & easy Christmas string art for beginners - These pretty designs are made on wood slices using embroidery floss or string and make a perfectly sized Christmas ornament for the Xmas tree. Includes free printable templates and patterns for a star, angel, light, tree, snowflake, and more. Great for children, tweens, teens, and adults.

Christmas String Art for Beginners A couple of months ago, I shared my foibles at learning string art. There are lots of good tips for beginners in that post, so check it out especially if you’re new to the craft. Now that I’ve figured out string art (mostly), I am really into creating little projects, and I decided to do these simple and easy Christmas ornaments with my tween Girl Scout troop. We haven’t done them yet, but I did help both 11-year-old Grace and almost 8-year-old Allie each to make one, and they were both successful, so I have … Read more

45+ Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts That People Actually Want

The best awesome DIY homemade Christmas gift ideas for friends and family - Great ideas for ladies and men. Mostly cheap and inexpensive presents. Perfect for mom and other women, teachers, neighbors, and coworkers. Simple, easy, and creative suggestions for gifts on a budget. Unique ideas to make and sell.

  In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I LOVE spending money searching for just the right gift for everyone on my list, and I LOVE Christmas decorations, and I LOVE Christmas music. My mom loved Christmas, too, and instilled in me early on its importance to our family culture. Christmas was always a really big deal to her, and it is subsequently a really big deal to me. And of course, Christmas is a HUGE deal to children, so my kids are on board. My husband, not so much. Actually, if he knew what I spent … Read more

130+ Best Educational Stocking Stuffers for Kids of All Ages

130+ educational stocking stuffer ideas for kids - Your children will love these great gift ideas that are small enough to fit in a normal Christmas stocking! Lots of unique and creative ideas including games, books, and more for kids, tweens, and teens both girls and boys.

Do you like stuffing your children’s stockings? I don’t particularly, to be honest. I love wrapping presents and making big piles, but I fizzle out where stockings are concerned. I usually forget about the stockings until way late, too, and then I have to rush around and order a bunch of things from Amazon because I haven’t planned very well. And then, I end up with tons of extra stuff that doesn’t fit into the stocking because I went overboard in panic. It’s a vicious cycle that happens every single year. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to put … Read more

101 Best Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Ages 6-8

I love Christmas shopping. I think it’s super fun to think about what my girls want and will enjoy and then set out to find it at the best price. I do virtually all of my shopping online, so there’s the added thrill of the delivery man coming and leaving me presents for weeks before Christmas. It’s a little tricky in that Allie still believes in Santa and is totally confused by all the packages that I won’t let her open, but we roll with that. Allie is 6, but will be 7 the week of Christmas, so I made … Read more