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101 Best Christmas Books for Kids

This former teacher put together a list of the best 101 children's Christmas books for boys and girls. The list includes board books, picture books, and chapter books, and there are funny and serious, religious and non-religious, and just about every book you can think of. Plus, she double checked to make sure all of her favorites were rated 4 or 5 stars at Amazon, too! This list is amazing! Perfect for Christmas gifts!

As you already know, we are huge readers. We read every single day and listen to audio books in the car. I put together this list of top-rated Christmas books for kids to share with you. I haven’t read every one, so I included some I didn’t know that had 4 or 5 stars in the Amazon reviews. And of course, all the ones I haven’t already read are sitting in my Amazon shopping cart because they look amazing. This post did not help my book addiction at all. The list features a mix of religious and non-religious books because life … Read more

Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Girly Girl

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girly Girls

When I was pregnant the first time, I was certain I was going to raise my daughter in a gender-neutral way. There would be no pink, no purple. No princesses. There would be baby dolls and a dollhouse, but no Barbies. There would be stuffed animals and My Little Ponies, but also cars and trains and guns and pirates. I knew that gender is a cultural phenomena, that the princess mentality is learned, and that girls absent Barbies and princesses and lives swathed in pink could grow up to be strong, confident, independent women. Well. I have two daughters now, and the … Read more

27 iPhone and iPad Apps for Smart 3-year-olds

  I swear that I am not that mom who wants her 3-year-old to know all the letters and numbers and sounds. Okay, so Grace did, but she is exceptional (in both good and bad ways), and I want Allie to just be whoever she is and learn at her own pace. In fact, I hid them all in a folder on the iPad that said “Allie learning apps.”In the last couple of months, I did put a variety of learning apps on the iPad for her to experiment with at her leisure (and a lot of them I never … Read more

25 iPhone and iPad Apps for Smart Girls

25 iPhone and iPad apps for smart girls - Some are educational. Some are just for fun.

I have app-itis. So do my kids. I debated whether or not I should make a holiday gift guide for apps, but I am 100% certain that Gracie would be delighted to get any of the apps below for Christmas. (I mean, she would be delighted to get them, except that she already has them. But she would be delighted to if she didn’t.) When a new must have app comes out (I mean, something from Toca Boca or Disney or Fancy Nancy or Grimm’s or Barbie or Usborne), Grace begs and pleads and makes a nuisance of herself until … Read more

40+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

40+ gift suggestions for toddlers

My kids have pretty much everything: trains, Barbies, blocks, puzzles, doll houses, dinosaurs, Little People (and then more Little People) (and more Little People after that), movies, Pillow Pets… I could go on and on and on. I had a real spending problem back when we were a two income family. Who am I kidding? I still have a spending problem; I just have less money now. (That’s a blessing. Seriously.) When Grace was an only child, I bought her everything I thought she could ever want and a lot of things that she didn’t want. It was insane. All … Read more

40+ Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

gift suggestions for girls

Early on, Joe and I decided to limit Grace’s Christmas gifts. We tried 5 gifts (and failed) and then decided that 3 would be better. Jesus got 3 gifts; 3 gifts are good enough for my kids. We cheat a little because Santa gives 3 gifts, and then we give pajamas and an additional gift on Christmas Eve. And a stocking. We’re getting better. Last year, I forgot to post my annual list of Christmas gift suggestions. Readers complained. Sorry about that. After all that, there was no way I’d forget this year. Every item on this list is something … Read more