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45+ Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts That People Actually Want

The best awesome DIY homemade Christmas gift ideas for friends and family - Great ideas for ladies and men. Mostly cheap and inexpensive presents. Perfect for mom and other women, teachers, neighbors, and coworkers. Simple, easy, and creative suggestions for gifts on a budget. Unique ideas to make and sell.

  In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I LOVE spending money searching for just the right gift for everyone on my list, and I LOVE Christmas decorations, and I LOVE Christmas music. My mom loved Christmas, too, and instilled in me early on its importance to our family culture. Christmas was always a really big deal to her, and it is subsequently a really big deal to me. And of course, Christmas is a HUGE deal to children, so my kids are on board. My husband, not so much. Actually, if he knew what I spent … Read more

Christmas 2018 Gift Guides for Families

Christmas 2018 gift guide - Hundreds of awesome ideas for the best gifts for him, her, and the kids. Great suggestions for moms and women, for dads and men, and for children, toddlers, tweens, and teens. Includes books and games as well as clothes and toys for girls and boys.

It’s November, so this is officially time to start talking about Christmas presents, right? I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I love it so much that I start when school starts, if not sooner. Most of my kids’ Christmas presents are currently hidden either in the top shelf of my closet or in a trunk in the garage, although I haven’t procured the necessary stocking stuffers just yet. We do a 100% debt-free Christmas every year, thanks completely to my savings accounts that automatically deduct from our paychecks. I pull out a certain amount every other week, 26 times throughout the year, … Read more

130+ Best Educational Stocking Stuffers for Kids of All Ages

130+ educational stocking stuffer ideas for kids - Your children will love these great gift ideas that are small enough to fit in a normal Christmas stocking! Lots of unique and creative ideas including games, books, and more for kids, tweens, and teens both girls and boys.

Do you like stuffing your children’s stockings? I don’t particularly, to be honest. I love wrapping presents and making big piles, but I fizzle out where stockings are concerned. I usually forget about the stockings until way late, too, and then I have to rush around and order a bunch of things from Amazon because I haven’t planned very well. And then, I end up with tons of extra stuff that doesn’t fit into the stocking because I went overboard in panic. It’s a vicious cycle that happens every single year. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to put … Read more

101 Best Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls Ages 6-8

I love Christmas shopping. I think it’s super fun to think about what my girls want and will enjoy and then set out to find it at the best price. I do virtually all of my shopping online, so there’s the added thrill of the delivery man coming and leaving me presents for weeks before Christmas. It’s a little tricky in that Allie still believes in Santa and is totally confused by all the packages that I won’t let her open, but we roll with that. Allie is 6, but will be 7 the week of Christmas, so I made … Read more

58 Awesome & Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

51 Awesome & unique Christmas gift ideas for tween girls - These fun ideas are sure to please the tweens in your life! Whether they're 9, 10, 11, or 12 years old, there is something on this list for them for the holidays or even for birthdays!

I think tween girls are hard to buy gifts for, and Christmas is no different from the rest of the year. They aren’t really into toys any more (for the most part). Even though they might acquiesce and play Barbies or Lego with a younger sibling, it’s just not their thing anymore. On the other hand, they aren’t really grown up and still want lots of presents under the tree. It’s a tough place to be, both for the girl and for the gift giver. So I got together with my 10-year-old daughter and made up a list of all … Read more

51 Awesome Christian Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

51 awesome Christian Christmas gifts for kids - Wondering what to get your kids for the holidays? This post is full of tips and ideas for buying Xmas gifts that bring children back to Jesus without lame presents.

Christmas is my favorite, but it is really easy to shift the focus of Christmas away from Jesus and towards Santa and material things. The Jesse Tree and The Truth in the Tinsel help a lot, but still my kids talk all through the months of October, November, and December about the presents they want and the presents they think they will get. We do Santa. We like Santa, and we like all the magic and warm fuzzy feelings that he brings our kids. But still, I want to point Christmas morning back to Jesus. To that end, some of … Read more