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6 Inexpensive Ideas for Entertaining this Holiday Season

6 inexpensive ideas for holiday entertaining - These 6 tips and ideas are great! Including fun things to do on a budget with kids or the whole family, these will keep you under budget - maybe even with money left over!

6 Inexpensive Ideas for Entertaining During the Holidays Planning a holiday party can be stressful and costly. It’s quite possible that it could even put you in a financial bind. Do you throw a holiday party even if you do not have the money? Do you forgo the party even though you want to spend time with family and friends? Here are a few holiday party ideas so you do not have to answer yes to either of those questions: Throw a dessert party This is a take on the par-for-the-course potluck dinner, but much sweeter. Ask all of your … Read more

Teaching Children to Give featuring The King’s Christmas List

For my entire adult life, I’ve done a lot of giving during the holiday season. Children have a special place in my heart, and my heart aches to know that some children miss the magic of Christmas. Because I am able, I give gifts to children where ever I can. Because they are organized locally and benefit children in my community, I’ve always focused my attention on giving trees and a local school’s toy drive. Last year, Grace was interested in giving gifts to other children. This year, not so much. When we go to the store, she wants to … Read more