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My baby is scared. She is scared, and I can’t help. She wakes up night after night, crying my name and wailing with sadness and fear. Joe picks her up, and he brings her to our bed. She pushes him away and snuggles up too close to me. She hugs my neck and kisses my face and clings to me all night long. It’s tough to sleep with a little face pressed into my cheek and tiny arms clutching my neck. Fitfully, I manage. My baby is scared, and she worries. Every noise startles her and makes her jump. A … Read more

Let Them Experiment

Last week, Joe, Gracie, my mom, my sister, and I ate dinner in a fancy restaurant called Zia’s at the Red Door. We wouldn’t normally go out for fancy dinners just because, and especially not when our primary wage earner is off work for an extended period of time. My sister’s favorite radio station has weekly gift certificate specials. You can buy a $50 gift certificate for $25 if you’re one of the first fifty people to complete the sale on station’s website. Or something. I don’t know the details; I didn’t do the purchasing. Anyway, we ordered gift certificates … Read more

Whole Day Food Plans for Toddlers

For several weeks, I’ve been promising you some whole day food plans for your toddler, and here they are. I compiled all of these menus from the preschoolers area of Toddler Menu #1 Breakfast 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal, mixed with 1/2 banana cut into slices (before cooking) The other 1/2 of the banana 1/2 cup milk (at this point in their lives, it’s okay to start offering low fat dairy options) Snack 1/2 slice of bread 1/2 large orange Lunch A taco – 1 small tortilla wrapped around a filling of 1/4 cup salad greens, 2 tablespoons chopped … Read more