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Allison’s Birth Story – The Delivery

Did you read part one, part two, and part three of Allie’s birth story? The pain. I remember the pain so clearly. I pushed the button to give my epidural more medicine. I pushed and pushed and pushed the button. “What do you mean, you have to go to the bathroom? Do you have to urinate?” the nurse asked. “No, I have to poop. I have to push.” I said. “You have to push?!” she repeated, moving toward the foot of my bed. “Let me check you.” Not yet an hour had passed since I was 3 cm dilated. My … Read more

Allison’s Birth Story – The Labor

Did you read part one and part two of Allie’s birth story? The Labor The doctor told me to take a hot bath in the jacuzzi and relax for a while while the pitocin helped my body to get things moving. The hot bath made my cervix change a bit – a 1/2 cm. My contractions were still  frequent and strong. My blood pressure continued to climb, requiring intravenous blood pressure meds and a heart monitor. To ease the tension, my sister recounted a funny story that made me laugh. Once I started laughing, I didn’t stop. My hysterical laughter … Read more

Allison’s Birth Story – The Induction

Did you read part one of Allie’s birth story? The Contractions In week 35, I started having contractions. For four weeks, I had painful contractions that felt real. I’d have them every 10 minutes for two or three hours, then they would stop. Each time, I was convinced that I was going into labor. I worried that it was too early, that the baby would be in danger. The days were long and difficult and made worse by the pain and anticipation of frequent contractions. During week 37, there was a question about my amniotic fluid. My obstetrician’s receptionist called … Read more

Allison’s Birth Story – The Back Story

Telling a story means reliving it. The emotions and the physical feelings, the good and the bad. It all comes rushing back. For months, I have been reluctant to relive Allison’s birth. It was too hard. I started talking about Allie’s birth to my friend Julia not long ago. Talking to Julia about it led to talking about it on Twitter and thinking about it more often. I am finally ready to accept the experience, to lay out the details, to share it publicly. It happened. I can’t change it. It happened, and it’s okay. It’s about time. The Back … Read more

Grace’s Birth Story

I have never passed by a birth story without reading it. I think those stories are the ties that bind women. Every woman who has given birth has shared the same experiences, no matter the individual circumstances. I find them fascinating. So. If you aren’t interested in reading my birth stories, stop now and ignore my post next Thursday, too. You’ve been warned. Grace’s Birth Story I wrote this out in the days following Grace’s birth. I have a journal in which I wrote every single day for the first ten weeks of her life. This is the first entry. … Read more