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I Eat Downstairs

I was sitting in the dining room eating my lunch when Allie came to the table. “I eat downstairs,” she said, grabbing the edge of her plate with two hands. “No, you eat at the table,” I said. “I be careful,” she said. I put a finger on the opposite corner of the plate, preventing it from moving. “We eat at the table.” “I eat downstairs,” she repeated, staring me down. “Allie, that plate is staying on this table. Get up in your chair and eat your lunch.” She continued to stare at me, willing me to change my mind, never moving her … Read more

Chicken Nuggets for Lunch

Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Allie is a big eater. She’s not fond of noodles or vegetables, but she will eat great quantities of fruit, bread, and meat. When Grace was Allie’s age, she ate everything. Well, almost everything. She didn’t like mangoes. But everything else. There was no other fruit or vegetable she wouldn’t eat. Somewhere around her third birthday, Grace began to get picky. I think it was a combination of needing to eat less and needing to control more, but her diet went from everything but mangoes to nothing but chicken nuggets. I wish I was kidding. At the ripe old age … Read more