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Chestnut Stuffing – Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

How to make the best easy chestnut stuffing - This delicious simple recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Bread dressing is the perfect addition to the table at the holidays!

There’s something missing from my easy Thanksgiving menu, and nobody noticed it but Joe. I hadn’t planned on any stuffing. Stuffing? Dressing? Is there a difference? According to Alton Brown, there is. Stuffing is what’s put inside the bird, and dressing is what’s cooked separately. Soaking up raw meat juices with bread really creeps me out, so we have always cooked it separately. In years past, my father-in-law always made his beloved chestnut dressing, and he brought it to our house. The dressing had a nice flavor, and everyone liked it. I preferred to eat around the chestnuts, but Joe … Read more