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Paper Fortune Cookie Tutorial

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies - No template needed because they're made from a circle. Includes a free printable with 100 fortunes. These are fun for Chinese New Year or New Year's Eve. Cute treats for friends, families, or birthdays and parties. Includes some simple and awesome Bible verses.

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these paper fortune cookies. They’re inspired by the Silhouette machine template below, but you can make them almost as easily without a machine. When I saw these paper fortune cookies in the Silhouette store, I had to make some. I downloaded the files, picked out some papers, and got started. And then I realized that you could make these just as easily without a Silhouette machine. That’s when I decided to share the tutorial here. Because, who doesn’t love fortune cookies? Grace is already all over them; begging to open a … Read more

What I Love About Being Married

I am reposting an article that I wrote last year in July. I don’t think I could write a more perfect tribute to marriage and my husband, especially in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Remember how I told you that I never intended to get married or have a child?  Since I wrote that post, I’ve been thinking about how my life would be different if I’d never gotten married.  It’s a scary thought.  I love being married, and here’s what I love most about it. I’m certain that Joe would say I most love having someone to … Read more