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Save Kids Lives with Global Road Safety Week

Is your road safe for your kids to ride bikes on? Is it safe to take a walk on? Unfortunately, the answer for many children is a resounding NO. Motorists drive too fast, pay too little attention, and create generally unsafe conditions for kids. And then there’s the issue of highway safety where drivers speed by ten, twenty, even thirty miles an hour over the speed limit (or more!). This isn’t just an American issue; it’s an issue all over the world. In the United States and around the world, traffic–related injuries are the leading killer of children ages five … Read more

My Car Smells Like Nothing

It’s confession time. My car stinks. I mean, it’s a great car, and I love it, but it smells. The smell is partly due to my kids Grace treating the back seat like her personal locker/trashcan/junk drawer (smelly shoes, sweaty clothes, used napkins, toys, books, you name it) and partly due to the humidity of summer and I don’t know what else. It might also have something to do with my forgetting a wet diaper or a stale drink now and then. In addition, we live in a ruralish area in Pennsylvania. There are a lot of farms, and (if … Read more

My Car Washing Crew

Kids Car Washing

A year or two ago, my sister and brother-in-law gave Grace a car washing play set. Ever since, Grace has been dying to wash my car. Finally, last week, Joe got around to the job. They filled buckets with soapy water, procured rags and sponges, and opened up the car washing kit. I was inside working when Joe called me on the phone. “You really should come out here and take some pictures. You’ll probably want to write about this on your blog.” He was right. Grace and Allie ran around and around my car, creating suds on every surface they could … Read more

The Safety Features of the Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler Town & Country Review

Before our car crash in 2009, I knew virtually nothing about cars and car safety. I didn’t worry about it; I’d never had to. My post-crash life is different. I am hypervigilant about car seats and airbags and all the other measures that promise to protect us in case the unthinkable happens again. I researched the Chrysler Town & Country before I agreed to drive my kids around in it. I’m happy to say that it exceeded my expectations. I equate bigger vehicles with more safety. I don’t know if that’s well-placed trust or not, but in our crash, we … Read more

Road Trip to Old Grandma’s – A Photo Essay

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review - VES

Old Grandma lives in the Boonies. There is no cable. There is no internet. There is no radio or telephone. Okay, I’m exaggerating. There is radio, and there is telephone. There’s even cellular reception, allowing me to use my iPhone for some semblance of the outside world. Because I knew in advance that I’d be driving a super fancy luxury Chrysler Town and Country with a video entertainment system, I planned to drive it to Old Grandma’s house in the Boonies. If I’d known about the CarFi system, I might have tried to work while I was there. I didn’t, … Read more

I Have Minivan Envy (featuring a Chrysler Town and Country Review)

Chrysler Town and Country Blogger Review

For most of my teenage driving experience, I drove a minivan. It was my mother’s minivan. I hung out with my friends (all of them, at the same time) in that minivan. I went on dates in that minivan. The minivan was convenient albeit demoralizing. I was absolutely certain I’d never, ever, not for any reason, ever drive a minivan of my own. You know where this is going. I want a minivan. Badly. My best friend has two little girls, 5 and 2. We live close enough that we often ride together to parks. It’s really fun; we go to … Read more