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Carrot Cake Pancakes

How to make the best carrot cake pancakes - This simple and easy recipe is also super healthy! Can be made for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Brown sugar and cinnamon make them a little sweet and very tasty, a hit with kids and adults.

I like pancakes. I have eaten them almost every week since I found the secret to great pancakes. I just love them. I really love pancakes when they’re smeared with a bit of peanut butter or with cream cheese and homemade jam. And with maple syrup, of course. Pancakes are perfect for hiding fruits and vegetables. I like to chop up apples or fresh peaches and put them in the batter. I like to put crushed pineapple in sometimes, or even chocolate chips. Nuts are always nice, too. My friend, Allie, gave me her recipe for pumpkin pie pancakes, and … Read more