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25 Simple & Easy Time Management Tips for Super Busy Moms

Simple & easy time management tips super busy women especially moms - Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you need practical articles with advice and ideas to get organized. Morning and evening routines, schedules, planners, this post covers it all.

I quit my full-time teaching job when my second daughter was born, and for four years after that, I worked part-time, only in the evenings. It was a grand life, and I was able to take my girls to do all sorts of fun things in the daytime and later to help care for my mom when she got sick and eventually died of pancreatic cancer. For the most part, those years were a very special time of my life filled with fun, fun, and more fun with my kids. We were really able to do whatever we wanted whenever … Read more

12 Ways to Stay Sane in the Midst of a Busy Season

  You’re probably tired of hearing how busy I am. Between working full-time, blogging part-time, homeschooling, and being a wife and mother, my days are jam-packed. Now that we’ve settled into a routine, I don’t mind it. I have found little bits of time throughout my days, and I have come up with ways to maximize those times. I am certain you could do the same, no matter what your situation entails. I’m not going to lie or put a pretty face on it – I am doing a lot more right now than I would like to be doing. You probably are, too. … Read more