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Mexican Burgers

Mexican Burgers

Joe doesn’t especially like burgers with stuff added to them. He prefers plain old ground meat. I really like burgers that are different from just plain old ground meat. Joe really likes me. Joe makes a lot of burgers that are more than just plain old ground meat. Through the years, each of these has been my favorite for a little while: chili burgers (spicy!), the best hamburgers (almost like a meatloaf but in burger form, so delicious), and Hawaiian burgers (sweet). I have a new favorite these days, Mexican burgers. We have them whenever someone mentions burgers, and that happens to be at least once … Read more

Chili Burgers

chili burgers recipe

In honor of Memorial Day and the whole start of summer thing, I want to share my favorite burger recipe with you. This isn’t a recipe that starts with “use your favorite patty.” This is a recipe for the hamburger patty itself. Joe and I each had a one of these burgers at 10:30 last night. We’d eaten a late lunch, and supper time came and went without notice. After he put Grace to bed, Joe decided to process and freeze the ground meat he’d gotten on sale earlier in the week. We both realized that we were starving, so … Read more